My Gratitude Journal

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My gratitude journal
One of the best and most beneficial habits I’ve gotten into this year is keeping a gratitude journal.
I used to toss and turn for hours before falling asleep, I’d resort to reading a book. And even then, found myself reading the same page over and over. I couldn’t shut of my brain long enough to concentrate on the words on my page.
My gratitude journal causes me to fall asleep with happy thoughts and material for happy productive dreams.
First I write down 5 things I’m grateful for that happened that day. Sometimes that is a tough thing to come up with when you have a particular stressful day. I’ve had to resort to things like the coffee smelled so good while it was brewing. Or my feet didn’t start hurting until mid afternoon. LOL.
But I always find 5 things and when I write them down I feel instantly better about the lousy day I thought I had.
The opposite page is 5 things I plan to be grateful for in the future but I write as if I already have them.
Eg: I am so grateful for a healthy and fit body.
Thank you for a great day on the lake in our new boat
Thank you for being able to pay each and every bill before its due
You get the picture.
In the beginning writing the future “thank yous” seemed awkward and silly but now they fill me with confidence and anticipation. After I’ve written in my journal I put my head on the pillow and usually nod of with a head full of happy thoughts, within minutes.
And guess what? When you look back in your journal, more often than not, the intentional future thank yous have become real ones. Because you mind works wonders, subconsciously you will start working towards these goals you’ve set for yourself.

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