Busy-ness and Boots

Long time, no post!

Every now and then life grabs you by the hand and takes of at full gallop. Next time you look around it’s 6 months later. We are always so busy, and how do we stop that busy-ness? Is it all in our heads? Do we really need to be doing productive things all the time? Do we need to be on and connected 24/7?  If anyone has the answer or suggestions please let us know. I think we forgot how to have down time.

A good part of the busy-ness around here stems from revamp and renovations of the store. We are adding an honest to goodness shoe department to our store. We’ve dabbled in shoes and boots a little bit for the last few years and our customers have told us they’d like to see more. You know how things like that go in an old building, you are quickly going to do something, but the building has other plans for you. Every little change turns into a big job. The result is; we have hundreds of shoes and boots sitting in boxes waiting patiently for the perfect display they deserve. By next week they should be looking pretty and proud on their new shelves 🙂

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