Skinny jeans tucked into boots

Skinny jeans tucked into boots


When the skinny jeans tucked into boots trend became seriously mainstream, somewhere around 2010, some women were concerned that it would not work for them because they were too skinny, or too round, or too short, or too tall… but it turns out that everyone can rock this look. This is in part due to improvements in skinny jeans technology (by technology we mean fabric and design cut to fit different), but this is also thanks to the huge variety of boots out there.

The skinny jeans tucked into boots styling can go from casual to (bordering on) business casual in the flash of a blazer, the look can go from day to evening with a quick change of blingy accessories… What we are trying to say is that this look is versatile.

Here are some variations to think about:

1. The City Girl who is really laid back, like a country girl:

  • Weathered cowboy boots
  • Faded jeans
  • NO COWBOY HAT – Never go overboard
  • Fitted long top (we emphasize lest someone go 90′s Britney with a crop top
  • Extra points for a scarf

2. Kind of Tough with Secret Love of Sparkles:

  • Studded flat boots
  • Black or worn blue jeans
  • Cozy top
  • Extra points for sparkly trim on the top or a cool hat

3. Zoom around to (very) Important Meetings:

  • Crocodile skin high heel boots (extra points if they are navy blue and not black)
  • Fitted blazer (with a top underneath in case there is any doubt)
  • Darkest wash denim
  • Extra points for a silver or gold belt

4. Luxury Weekend in the City:

  • Smooth flat boots with shinny embellishment, such as a buckle.
  • Non skin-tight skinny jeans in a dark wash
  • Turtleneck sweater
  • Extra points for a luxury bag such as the Celine or the LV Neverfull

4. Rockstar

  • Lace up boots unlaced because you just woke up and threw them on. With whatever jeans were on the floor beside them, and the white shirt of the person who was in the bed beside you…
  • Extra points if you actually did score someone’s shirt or if you are wearing unexpected argyle socks.

What are your favourite skinny jeans tucked into boots looks?


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