Styling and Shopping

Building a functional wardrobe for yourself is a daunting task. We are all suckers for a pretty article of clothing, especially when it is discounted! But so often we realize that after it’s lived in our closet for a while, it never seems to get pulled out. You have nothing to wear with it, and it just doesn’t seem to play well with the other items in your closet. You make it your personal quest to find something to wear with it in every store you go to. Sometimes you succeed but more often you don’t. And quite often even if you did succeed you find out your now have 2 pieces, that can be worn together, but still don’t mingle well with the rest of the closet.
The trick is to plan your wardrobe around about 9 essential pieces. Think about your lifestyle and what kind of image you want to portray and go from there. With these 9 pieces you will be able to make at least 24 outfits, more if you really plan well.
From here on it’s easy to add is the fun and trendy pieces and the accessories.

Are you curious as to what the 9 essential pieces would be,  and how to mix and match them?

Book a night at It’s Time and we’ll walk you through a Styling Session¬†shoppingparties

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